A colonial house that evokes Scarlett O’Hara and the nineteenth century.
The MiMo district, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Miami.
Dimmi is the Italian restaurant; it is the essence of Italian cuisine;
it is the place where to celebrate with style and elegance, and live the 360-degree Italian gastronomic experience.

Dimmi, qualcosa in cucina,
was born from the solid friendship and partnership between the long hospitality experience of the restauranter David Ranucci,
founding host and owner of 5 restaurants in the heart of Milan, and the explosive culinary creativity of Chef Pino Bottiglieri.

Our restaurant is the perfect mix between the flavors of home,
the traditional, authentic ones, and a pinch of creativity:
t is entering into the kitchen of our grandmothers and still finding something delicious and yet genuine.

Whether it’s a Maryland crab cake, an eggplant parmesan, or some saffron Tagliolini…
Tell me when you want to dine with us… And we will take you to a delicious unforgettable Italian gastronomic experience.

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